Support and information for organizations

Organization Incubator, a programme  which supports  associations, helping them to work independently alongside other Finnish organizations. 

Organizational activities’ benefits  

Participating in association's activities is a good way of learning the rules of the Finnish society, its democratic decision-making processes, and developing awareness of and respecting equality. Active participation is also an effective way of learning  how the Finnish society works, and how it is possible to bring about  a change. In addition, participation also offers meaningful and motivating work to everyone involved and paves the way for better opportunities in employment and life improvements  in general.

 Organization Incubator provides support and information for the local communities and cities

The Organization Incubator works closely together with, for example, the cities of Helsinki and Tampere. The Organization Incubator has office in Tampere and its services reach the Swedish speaking costal area as well. In addition, further support towards the Organization Incubator is also provided by the city of Tampere.

The specialists of the Organization Incubator in the metropolitan area, Tampere Region and Ostrobothnia provide information and support for those intending to start up an association. This includes support and information on finances, administration and fund raising. It  also gives advice on planning the organization’s daily matters and then how to implement them. The Organization Incubator also has a vast and comprehensive training scheme by which it can train new organizations in capacity-building. The Organization Incubator also cooperates with other corporations.

Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA) finances Organization Incubator


STEA support Organization incubator's work